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Examine how an individual’s traits and characteristics influence their behavior at worktravel and tourism

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One of the clear indicators of how each individual within an organization is offering the best of himself or herself is found on his or her work performance, and whether this performance is directly contributing in a positive way to the goal of the organization per se.

When an individual is motivated, well-paid, operates under optimal work conditions, and all their professional needs are met, the chances are that such individual will perform better will increase.

However, individual characteristics will only matter when the individual is thrown into an environment where he or she feels lost, clueless, and not supported.

For optimal results, anyone who is manager of an organization must provide employee support at all times, and must maintain a sense of order, organization, rhythm, and a clear goal, mission, and vision. In these cases, no matter how difficult a person may be, he or she would be in a situation that is neutral and well-organized, and one in which undue stress and undue animosity is prevented.

Hence, it is an interconnected issue: Individual traits often come to the surface in the way that they interact with the environment . If the environment is in order and all is accounted for, individual traits will surface in a positive way and create a better work environment and performance.

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