Explain how an individual's personality and character traits affect their behavior at work.   Management Perspective in Travel and TourismLeadership industry.

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As many as 70% of employers use Personality Testing to evaluate job applicants.  Aside from providing information of value as described below, Personality Testing offers the following advantages:

1.  Employees exaggerate or lie on applications, resumes and interviews, but are seldom successful in faking personality tests.

2.  The tests save time, and add efficiency to the process of evaluating a prospective employee.

3.  Selection of the best employee through testing saves money.

4.  Selection of the best employee reduces turnover.

Here are some personality traits and character qualities detectable on Personality Testing that affect employee behavior in obvious ways:

1.  Honesty versus dishonesty

2.  Motivation versus lazy

3.  Self-discipline versus untamable free spirit

4.  Teamwork mentality versus reclusive and resentful

5.  Calm demeanor versus anger management issues

Personality Testing can also detect skills or the lack thereof in areas of employee behavior beneficial to the company’s mission, such as skills in communication, interpersonal relationships, management, leadership and sales.

Yes, Personality and Character have a great deal to do with employee behavior in the work place, and resulting value to the company.  It is for this reason that the majority of employers use personality/behavioral testing to evaluate job applicants.

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