Examine gender identitiy and gender roles, as well as gender similarities and gender differences.Examine gender identitiy and gender roles, as well as gender similarities and gender differences.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Gender identity means which gender we identify with or associate with. Gender roles are what we typically expect from each gender. Gender similarities and differences are what the two genders have in common and where they differ.
Wiggin42 | Student

Gender roles are scripted by the society. Practically speaking based on the situation both male and female react  the same way. Also the Individuality plays a vital role than the gender. commercialism and politics behind the market economy also stereotype these gender roles.  In this modern world most of the gender roles are determined mostly by the financial and emotional independence help by an individual.

kc4u | Student

The term 'gender identity', originally a medical term, is now being used as a psycho-social category. It refers to an individual's self-identification, and is not necessarily based on his or her being biologically male or female. Nor it is based on a person's sexual orientation. However, a number of sexual, psychological, genetic and social factors may go together to cotribute to the development and realization of an individual's personal identity.

'Gender roles' refers to a set of attitudes and behaviours as expected of a person by the society. What makes a male? What makes a female? What makes a lack of a male / female? These questions relate to particular normatives of social behaviour as imposed by the social-cultural institutions.

'Gender similarities / differences' are issues relating to the question of differences between males and females in their attitudes, approaches and perceptions in respect of various subjects and of acquiring communication and other skills. Are males and females similar or different in their behaviour/attitude/perception/acquisition?