Death of a Salesman Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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Examine the described the set and staging for the play. How is the set and staging significant to Death of a Salesman?

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I'm not sure about the question either, but I suspect that it might be asking how it can be used to integrate the past with the present.  The play moves back and forth and includes "real" scenes from the past (Willyand the boys working in the yard) and some scenes that require a step out of "reality"--the scenes where Willie speaks with his brother, Ben.  The play must be staged so that the action can seemlessly move from one place to another and also move from one time to another (real past) or the present that only exists in Willie's mind.

I've seen the play done several times, and it's always interesting to see how different directors deal with these staging questions.  It might be interesting to compare the two DVD versions that I am aware of (Lee J. Cobb/Dustin Hoffman) to see how these are handled ... and then, if you're lucky (I missed out on the Brian Dennehy performance in Chicago) you may get to see it in real time.