In "Three Gospels", examine and describe the ways Luke uses the miracle stories.  Use quotation in Luke's gospel.

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 Through the miracles in the Gospel of Luke we see Luke's faith and belief in Jesus Christ as:
- the Messiah
- the Son of God
- the fulfilment of the Old Testament promises

Luke also shows that Jesus is the Savior of the world who will:
- bring salvation to the world
- preach and teach about God
- announce the kingdom of God
- attack the influence of the devil 

There are four kinds of miracles recorded in Luke's Gospel. They are: Healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out of demons and power over nature.

Examples of each can be found in:

Healing the sick
- Man with skin disease (5:12-13)
- Centurion's servant (7:1-10)
- Peter's mother-in-law (4:38-39)
- Paralysed man (5:18-25)
- Woman with a hemorrhage (8:43-48)
- Man with a paralysed arm (6:6-10)
- the blind beggar (18:35-43)
- Man with swollen limbs (14:1-4)
- 10 men with skin diseases (17:11-19)
- Ear of the high priest's slave (22:50-51)

Raising people from the dead
- Jarius' daughter (8:41-42, 49-56)
- Widow's son at Nain (7:11-15)

Casting out demons
- Main with demons at Gadara (8:27-35)
- Dumb man with a demon (11:14)
- Boy with epilepsy and a demon (9:38-43)
- Man with an evil spirit at the synagogue (4:33-35)
- Crippled woman with an evil spirit (13:11-13)

Power over nature
- Calms the storm (8:22-25)
- Feeds the 5000 (9:12-17)
- Marvellous catch of fish (5:1-11)

(List compiled from 2nd link) 

Miracles in the Gospel of Luke are seen as signs of the power of God, through Jesus Christ His Son.