Examine Brutus’s funeral speech comparing it with Antony’s. Why did Shakespeare choose to use prose for Brutus and blank verse for Antony in their orations in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare?

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William Shakespeare in Julius Caesar contrasts rhetorical styles and to argumentation.  The conspirators knew they would need to explain the necessity of the assassination to the Roman people. Brutus would speak for the assassins.  

Brutus struggled with joining the conspiracy.  He actually felt that Caesar might become so powerful that he would return Rome to a tyrannical monarchy.   However, to demonstrate Shakespeare's contempt for the assassination of Rome's greatest general and leader, he condemns Brutus to failure in his clash against Antony.

Brutus was successful in his basic oratory.  The people were moved to make him the king.  How then did he fail to convince the people?


1. Brutus spoke first

2. Shakespeare had Brutus speak in prose which was considered the style used by the common man. This would have been thought to be a slight and a judgment against  Brutus's participation in the murder. 

3. Brutus employs only two of the three rhetorical devices in oratory:...

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