Evolution vs. CreationWhat do you believe? Do you believe that the earth was formed by a "big boom", or do you believe that God created it? Do you believe that humans and just the evolved form of...

Evolution vs. Creation

What do you believe? Do you believe that the earth was formed by a "big boom", or do you believe that God created it? Do you believe that humans and just the evolved form of Chimps, or do you believe that God created humans. Please comment on this, because I need to get some information about what other people think for a reasearch paper of what people think on both sides of this topic. Thank you(:

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do not think that these "dichotomies" that you set up (that it's this or that) are valid.  Why can they not both be true?  I do not believe in the Genesis version of creation.  However, I do believe that God created people and the universe.  The people who wrote the Bible were primitive and had no idea about science.  They could never have conceived of evolution or the Big Bang.  So they wrote fairy tale creation stories.

But now we have science and we can know things about the creation of the universe and how people came about.  But science still can't say WHY the universe came to exist or where the stuff came from to make the Big Bang.  So that's where God comes in...

Doug Stuva eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Just to clarify one misconception in your opening statement.  Evolutionary theory does not suggest that humans are descended from apes.  Humans aren't apes who evolved over time to become humans.  That is a misconception.  Apes and humans come from a common ancestor, but we are two different branches from the same ancestor. 

lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is no reason these two things have to be set up as an "either/or" choice. One is a matter of science, the other a matter of whether there is something supernatural behind the science, or the "why", as pohnpei says. The science stands, whether you believe a god is behind it all, or not.

booksnmore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I've been around quite a few people who feel strongly on both sides and I never quite understand why the two can't work together. Why can't God have set up the process that we call evolution? Why can't God have created the Big Bang? It seems to me that the two could go together quite nicely.

ako6777 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe in both ideas.  I believe the Big Bang occured but that God had a hand in its occurance.  I believe in evolution, but that God was directing the changes that occured. I think the two theories play together nicely.

frizzyperm | Student

*sigh* Why do people insist on referring to the Big bang as Evolution????

The origins of the universe are quite obviously not covered by Darwin's theory. Creationists do this trick to confuse the 'easily confused' whereby all the unanswered questions in the universe are labelled as 'evolution'.

Evolution explains how organic life developed on Earth. The creation of the universe is, surprise, sur-blooming-prise... astro-physics, not biology.

toopuddy4u | Student

Yeah i guess that both of them could be together.... Like God put evolution into process and stuff. But as a Christian I will not take evolution totally in, because I go by the bible, but i guess there is evolution to an extent because we as humans did change over time... so idk.

krishna-agrawala | Student

I don't see the need of choosing one between creationism and evolution.

The theory of evolution only explains how many different varieties of organism have developed form a few common ancestors. It does not explain, or even claims to explain how the original few species came into being.

People may argue about the reality of beliefs about the creationism. But any conclusion one way or the other does not support or oppose the theory of evolution.

People who believe in creationism do not consider so many changes that have taken place and continue to take place that we can perceive directly by our experience. For example many of the technological appliances of today were not created at the time of original Creation of the universe, and all the supporter of creationism accept this as a result of evolution of technology. Then I do not see what is the problem for them to accept natural evolution of organisms.

luvlyrazia | Student

According to Divine Origin theory the earth was created was God,but according to other sources like The Evolutionary theory the earth is the result of the process of evolution,so it depends...Both cant b ignored!!!!!! c ya bye...

funfunfun111 | Student

Humans and Apes did NOT come from a common ancestor. Evolution is a sinful lie made up by people who are selfish and want to know everything.

toopuddy4u | Student

Okayy well thank you:) Yeah i was just curious, and I am just trying to gather information so that i could understand better... so thanks for clearing things up. It makes a lot more sence:)