Evil Characters in Orwell's "1984"Which character(s) in 1984 is most evil? Why are his/her evil acts so seductive?  What draws us into this character's plot?

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Good question!

I think that the most evil character in the novel is actually the Inner Party- the people who are controlling the Outer Party and the Proles, to some extent, where Winston and Julia and everyone else reside. The Inner Party are the people who have constructed this society, its norms, its rules, its telescreens. The Inner Party is seductive in that it can reduce the ration of chocolate one day and the very next day make the same reduction appear to be an increase. The Inner Party can channel sexual energy into pure unadulterated hatred with pictures on a screen and they can change this violent hatred into pure love and worship of Big Brother instantaneously. The Inner Party knows what people's thoughts are, they can make you betray anyone, they always have absolute power and loyalty from every member of the Outer Party no matter how serious the dissension might seem at any given time from any number of members. The Inner Party can make a person believe that Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia, even though a day ago they were at war with Eastasia. The Inner Party can create people and wipe them from existence.

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