What is everything you need to know when writing an essay?Everything upon everything you need to know, from the tense of the essay from quotes. Thank you so much (:

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Even experienced writers are always learning new things about how to write essays, but the tips below should give you a good starting point.

Tense: You can use the past tense of the “historical present.” What matters is to be consistent – don’t switch tense in mid-essay.

Person: Although some personal essays use 1st person, most academic writing is done in third person.

Structure: There are many ways to structure an essay, but especially in longer (over 2000 word) essays, it’s a good idea to have a clear and obvious scheme of organization and use metadiscourse to let your reader know in what order to expect information. Use clear transitions from one idea to another and make sure the reader knows why you are including information and how your points are connected to your thesis statement.

Focus: The clearer and more narrow the focus, the better.

Quotes: Make sure quotations support your thesis and follow the correct style (MLA, APA, etc)

Audience: Always think about your readers, and what they need to know.

ciannone | Student

Your introduction should include a hook to grab your reader. this can be in the form of a question that can not be answered by yes or no, a quote, a definition, a simile or metaphor, or an anecdote. You must also include a thesis statement, basically the main idea of your essay.  each body paragraph should include a topic sentence and every other sentence in that paragraph should relate to it.  Your conclusion  should not include details, but instead summarize your main point, make observations, and give your reader something to think about.Perhaps the most important part of essay writing  is to proofread, revise and edit.

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