In "Everyman" what is the authors perception of death?

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The author perceives that Death is almighty. It does not spare any one from its summon. All must go with Death. Rich or poor all should go to Death. The mighty emperor or common man cannot remain outside the clutch of Death. Death can claim anything from men for sparing them for a few days more. But it does not do it. It is very stern regarding the summon. Everyman wanted to give bribe but Death immediately refused to take any gift.Death is very strict in not taking any bribe.Death is boastful. Death boasts of its power. It has a great sway on man's life. All jewellery, or wealth given by Everyman are refused by Death. It will serve the summon in time. All men must obey his summon. Death does not want anyone to request him for sparing him for one or more days. In fact, the summon of Death is unalterable. So one should obey the summon of Death without any hesitation.

Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee, Kolkata

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