In "Everyday Use" would you agree with the narrator's decision to give the quilts to Maggie rather than to Dee? Give reason for your answer.

Expert Answers
writergal06 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, I agree with the narrator's decision to give the quilt to Maggie over Dee. Maggie is often overlooked and under appreciated by her mother because Dee has an exciting and adventurous personality. Maggie is constant and caring, though. Dee wants the quilt because she has adopted a new superficial connection to her "roots."  She claims that she wants the quilt to show off her heritage. It is clear that she has no understanding of where she is actually from, though. She just wants the quilt to hang on the wall. Maggie truly understands her past and fully accepts it. She contributes in a real way to the world around her and is deeply committed to her family. She deserves the quilt because she will use it and she will better appreciate it and the hard work that went into making it.