In "Everyday Use," what is causing tension between Dee and Mama?

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Another cause of the tension between Mama and Dee is the vast difference in their lifestyles. While Mama has always admired Dee's sense of style, it has also been a point from which Dee, who later renames herself "Wangero," looks down upon her mother and her sister, Maggie. This becomes particularly apparent at the end of the novel, when Dee, who has adopted Afrocentrism, uses it to illustrate the supposed backwardness of her mother's and sister's lives in rural Georgia.

Dee seizes the quilts and looks at her mother "with hatred" when Mama fails to understand the historical significance of the quilts that Dee wishes to take. Mama decides to give Maggie the quilts that Dee wanted, refusing to allow Maggie to, once again, succumb to her sister's stronger will. In response, Dee says that her mother doesn't understand her heritage. For Dee, "heritage" is something that is to be put...

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