Everyone says to me that the earth will be destroyed in 2012. Is this true?

nishantk | Student

i think , the earth cann't distroyed in 2012 . as a student of geology i  would like to say that earth has not any relation from it's past . whatever were done in the past it is not mentioned in the present.

a great gologist say that "present is the key of past " he said this thing because we can say a lot of thing by seeing our present for our past but we cann't say anything by seeing our present or past for our future.

krishna-agrawala | Student

I do not know who are these people who tell you that earth will be destroyed by 2012, what is the basis of their claim. But whoever those people are, they are very much in minority. As a matter of fact I have not come across any person or any other source of information making such claim. And i do not give slightest of credence to the claim that the earth will be destroyed in 2012.

Yes, If we do not take any timely corrective action, in next 50 years or so there can be major disasters such as flooding of land areas that are home to about one sixth human population, major shortage of petroleum resources, and heavy pollution of land, water and air. But chances are that humanity will find ways of avoiding these kind of occurrences and thing will not be as bad as forecasted based on current trends.

In any case, scientists have examined extensively the possible ways in which complete humanity may be wiped out from earth, and the probabilities of such a thing happenings. AS per the indications available at present there is no such possibility in next hundreds or even thousands of years.

giorgiana1976 | Student

I have to start this answer with the following statement: This event is launched on the basis of Maya civilization forecasts, a civilization which did not survive to history.

Why forecast of a civilization which no longer exists  should be taken ad-literam?

Despite the huge publicity and ongoing discussions on account of this event that gets closer, Susan Milbrath, from the Florida Museum of Natural History, said, on behalf of the archaeological community,that it was not discovered until now, any document indicating that the Maya believed that the world will end in 2012, but only the fact that it will end a large calendar cycle, which no doubt it will have effect to the planet level also, but not necessarily apocalyptic.

The entire media hysteria triggered around this event is only a chance of winning for some parts.

 It is known for sure that the Maya civilization knew that it was such a cycle before, which implies that they knew that will follow another.

Some scientists agree that, despite scientific methods and means at our disposal, we can not predict the future exactly. For them the message of prophecy is that we must keep an optimistic attitude about the future. All the time people have thought that their end is near, they anticipated and waited. Until now, however,they were wrong every time.