In "Every Little Hurricane" from Sherman Alexie's The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight In Heaven, what two things collide and cause the storm?

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"Every Little Hurricane" chronicles a fight between Victor's two uncles and the fight's impact on Victor. A hurricane is how Victor imagines the argument. He sees his uncles as a "cold front" and a "warm front." Their fight is huge and explosive, but ends amicably. The big issue is the damage that occurs after the fight, just like the wreckage after a hurricane is nearly as dangerous as the storm itself. Victor likens himself to the people who crazily tie themselves to trees outside of their houses to experience the storm. Those people ended up broken which is how Victor feels after the storm of his uncles' fight. Victor also muses about how the fight would not have much impact outside of that group of people.

"This little kind of hurricane was generic. It didn’t even deserve a name."

Despite its small scale though, the hurricane spreads through each of the people who witnessed the fight, bringing up memories of past storms.

In the story "Every Little Hurricane" from Sherman Alexie's 

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