In "Every Day Use" by Alice Walker which character does not change during the story: Mamma, Dee, or Maggie? Explain.

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In Walker's "Everyday Use," Dee is the character that doesn't undergo any significant change.

Maggie brightens up when her mother stands up to Dee and decides that Maggie should get the quilts that Dee wants.  Maggie volunteers, though unwillingly, to let Dee have them, but mom says no, they belong to Maggie.  Maggie's reaction shows at least a slight improvement in her self-worth.

The mother may or may not change, but she does take the stand against Dee and orders the quilts to be saved for Maggie.  Her definitive stand seems to represent a slight change to me.  I see her strong decision as solidifying her thoughts.

Dee, however, does not learn or grow or seek to understand her family's point of view.  She does not understand the dignity of the traditional black way of life at the beginning of the story, and she does not understand it at the end.

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