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How do elementary students benefit from powerpoint?

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When it comes to powerpoint and elementary school education, there are several potential benefits. Let me offer three.

First, children these days have a difficult time paying attention. They do not have the ability to concentrate for a long time. Part of this is due to age and part of this is due to our society. For this reason, something to break up the class might help. A powerpoint presentation with a few bells and whistles can be a welcome break for children and at the same time be educational.

Second, some elementary school children will be more visual learners. For these students, powerpoint will be perfect. Through powerpoint, you will be able to put up pictures, maps, thoughtful images and the like.

Third, through the use of powerpoint the teacher is able to model the importance of technology in the classroom. This can translate into children using technology in the future in many different settings.


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