Is it ever possible to create a spacecraft which could run at the speed of light?

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is no technology on space vehicles yet that even comes close to the speed of light.  The speed of light, in a vacuum, such as space, is 299, 792,458 meters per second, or 186, 282 miles per second.  That, my friend, is fast!  Not miles per hour, mind you, but per second.  This does not mean we should stop trying, however; one has but to look at the simple advancements in locomotion and aeronautics to see where we started and how far the science has come.  The history of flight is barely 100 years old.  The vehicle the Wright brothers built in a bicycle shop in Ohio and successfully recorded the first powered flight only lasted seconds and flew at a dismally slow rate compared to todays modern airliners and jet planes.  Henry Fords famed Model-T crawled along at top speeds of 20 to 25 miles per hour in its day.  Modern NASCAR vehicles travel at average speeds today of 185 miles per hour.  We have made significiant advances in the areas of locomotion, but to travel the enormous distances that exist in space, we will need a vehicle of the future that will be capable of attaining the speed of light, or even faster.  Who knows?  At one time, breaking the speed of sound was thought unattainable, but that has been achieved in both land and air travel.  I predict the speed of light will be the next milestone to be conquered.

cuyler | Student

To our current knowledge no, however its still up for debate because for every kg you have to move you need 10000 kg's of fuel to move it buyt then you have a craft of 10001kg's witch you have to move so it becomes eponetial (Einstein solved this in his theory of special relativity) at light speed but the faster we move the slower time apears so even if we could get there we would most likely not be able to slow down again. it is up to how much energy we can get from as sustance and how fast we can get it. 

juno60 | Student

No. The amount of mass would be so great, that an infinite amount of energy would be neccesary to move it at light speed.

astrosonu | Student

Ahh! I think no. But come on friends we should make it!

myfavouritehero | Student
I think we can create such spacecraft which can run at the speed just below the speed of light.Now scientists have discovered materials lighter then flower and stronger then any other metal on Earth-"Micro-Lattice". Photons can move at 99.99% of speed of light,but it's life time is small.In future scientists may discover metals which could be able to resist the energy & force while traveling at speed of light.