What is the most important event that occurs at the Maycomb Halloween Pageant in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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In Chapter 28, the community of Maycomb County holds a Halloween festival in the high school auditorium. Mrs. Merriweather decided to compose a pageant entitled Maycomb County Ad Astra Per Aspera where the children would be dressed in costumes that depicted the county's agricultural products. Scout has to wear a cumbersome "ham" costume made out of chicken wire and cloth. When Mrs. Merriweather calls out "Pork!" Scout has to walk out onto the stage. The most significant moment of the Halloween Pageant happens when the time comes for Scout to walk out onto the stage. Mrs. Merriweather announces "Pork!" and to her displeasure, Scout does not walk out onto the stage. She shouts "Pork!" even louder and Scout never comes out. Scout fell asleep backstage and missed her cue to walk out. During the grand finale when Mrs. Merriweather stands in the center of the stage with the Alabama flag, Scout clumsily walks out onto the stage. The entire crowd cheers and Judge Taylor laughs so hard that his wife needs to give him a glass of water to calm down. Mrs. Merriweather tells Scout backstage that she ruined her pageant.

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