Even though Zaroff is killed at the end of The Most Dangerous Game, do you think he is satisfied and happy?

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afi80fl eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, strangely enough, I believe Zaroff is very happy and satisfied when he is killed by Rainsford at the end of the "game."  Zaroff had an opportunity to do kill Rainsford very early when he caught him hiding in a tree; however, there would have been little challenge in this shot, and he wanted the game to last longer.  By giving Rainsford this bit of mercy, Zaroff ensures the game goes on, allowing Rainsford to regroup and come back at him again.

When Rainsford kills Ivan, Zaroff is disappointed, but not necessarily upset.  Rather, he is intrigued at his new prey's hunting/survival skills.  Finally, at the end of the game when Rainsford catches Zaroff, we get the impression that he isn't even upset.  Rather, he is satisfied with the hunt, knowing he's finally found what he desired:  someone worthy of his game. 


aaaaaaaa | Student

Yes I belive so because he never wanted to be bored of hunting and eventually he would have gotten bored of hunting humans as well.  This is his way of the ultimate satisfaction, dying while doing his favorite thing.

nidaa1990 | Student


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