What do you think was in the letter Eveline wrote to her father?

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Ah, an interesting question. Remember that the story says, " The white of two letters in her lap grew indistinct. One was to Harry; the other was to her father."

It doesn't say that she mailed them, or even that she finished them. Therefore, given the rest of the story, I think the letter is two things. First, it includes a lot of standard family news and greetings, because she's not bold enough to move to the heart of things right away. Second, I think it tells her father that she's going away with Frank…and that it never gets sent. I think it sits around in a drawer like Eveline herself, gathering dust.

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dear dad ... i dont know how to begin but i must tell that im leaving today with frank to live in a distant place. i"m really sorrey but i dont feel comfortable in this home and i want to find the way to happines. plz dad forgive me like how i forgive you about all the bad things that you for me. plz take care of my brothers and ask my mother that she is now in the sky to forgive me. you know how much pressure i was having that pushed me to do this. Daddy i will never forget you and i"ll rember every point in this home . i know how much pain i will cause to you when i say good bye for ever but i must tell you that now . from your loyal daugter Eve.

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