EVELINE by JAMES JOYCE, literary essay help pleaseWriting a LITERARY ESSAY, here's the skeleton, help me please? Let me know if i'm on the right track, or changes i need to make. Thesis: Although a...

EVELINE by JAMES JOYCE, literary essay help please

Writing a LITERARY ESSAY, here's the skeleton, help me please? Let me know if i'm on the right track, or changes i need to make.

Thesis: Although a life of adventure is appealing to Eveline she is imobilized by the fear of the unknown.

Arg. 1: -mother's death traumatizing = leave to feel something other than pain / look after sibling like mother = leave as to not repeat mother's life or routine

Arg. 2: -has all she needs at home & never wanted to leave = sheltered lifestyle / leave Dubliin = on her own & forget all she's known for something comepletely new / Frank = bad influence "drown her" , lost in the new world, won't make it

Arg. 3: -her "right to happiness" motivates her to leave (franks love = happy) / father doesn't like Frank (Eve. alway pleases others, never does anything for herself) / leaving with him will bring unkown consequences = scares Eve.

In conclusion i want to talk about how water is a sign of rejuvination but Eve. sees it as her "death" and the difference between Dublin and Buenos Aires (small town vs. big city), those are kind of what the unkown are made up of in Eve.'s head.

Help? Feedback, recommendations, anything, please help.

Thanks, Lots of Love <3

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Perhaps Argument #2 should take the angle that Eveline is indecisive about leaving, rather than having everything she desires.  Granted she is attached to some things, but her father is apparently abusive --earlier she recalls, "her father was not so bad then"--and the portrait of the yellowing photograph of the priest whose name she does not know raises doubt about her religious faith. Throughout the stream of consciousness of the early narrative Eveline entertains several misgivings which indicate her forthcoming paralysis when the sailor asks her to board. And, this paralysis is central to Joyce's story.

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I agree that you have a well thought out outline for your essay. I wold agree that you need to insure that you stick to the assignment title and not veer from it. Your conclusion seems to bring in a new point though. Your outline fails to mention her rejuvenation. I would not bring up a new point in closing. Simply stick to her immobilizing fear of the unknown.

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i love your use of the word 'immobilise' for Eveline by James Joyce. You are on exactly the right track here as one of the themes of the short story is paralysis (or stasis.) All your ideas are sound and creative but you must stick like glue to the assignment title and not veer off in too many diections. It would be helpful to know what the exact title is. Each reader will have different opinions on the value of Evelines final choice to stay behind with her family - for myself I think she made the right decision!

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Thankyou both!

I will not introduce something new in my conclusion. Instead just restate / sum up what i have already listed above?

if you don't mind, can you tell me how this sounds as an introduction? **it's rough, just wrote it**

The contemplation of leaving home is extremely frightening to most people. Departing with the familiar sounds and smells of home is an uneasy notion to fathom. Forgetting cherished childhood memories to start all over again in a foreign district with no guidance or help is unpleasant and hard to swallow. Weighted down by the fear of the unidentified may prevent one from following their dreams. In the short story Eveline written by James Joyce (from the 1914 collection Dubliners) Eveline Hill shares these common fears of failure and discomfort. Eveline has been living in small-town Dublin, Ireland her entire life. When she falls in love with Frank they plan to leave for Buenos Aires, Argentina to start a new life together however Eveline ultimately chooses to remain at home. Although a life of adventure is appealing to Eveline she is immobilised by the fear of the unknown.


thanks, lots of love