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"Evaluate the view that representations of social class in the media reflect ruling class ideology."  In what context will postmodernist theory be relevant to this question? 

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Postmodernism at its core is an examination of, and emphasis on, the context of a piece or a social situation, repudiating the idea that art, human activity, etc., have "meaning" outside their environment.  For example, Shakespeare's sonnets have no extrinsic meaning outside their conventions and/or their social birth.  In examining media, the critic must take into account the most powerful tool of the ruling class -- the so-called free enterprise system.  In other words, every decision that results in a television advertisement, or even a television product, is integrally connected with the ruling class goals -- profit, fame, etc.  An immediate example is the make-up of recent sitcoms, deliberately and consciously aimed at minority audiences -- Blackish, Fresh Off the Boat, Modern Family, etc.  Advertisers, the ultimate spokespersons for the ruling class ideology, actually keep track of the ratios of white to black actors, families, etc. in their advertising.  If any product presentation under-represents some class of persons, the buyers of the ads will be the first to complain.

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