Evaluate three factors that influence employee motivation and provide one example of each.

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several factors that influence employee motivation.

One of these is compensation. Employees are motivated by the opportunity to make more money for the work they do.  If salaries are frozen and no pay increases are possible, it tends to discourage an employee from going above and beyond the minimum expectations of the worker.  (As a student, think about how you would respond if the highest grade you could get in a class was C.)

Another factor that influences employee motivation is the ability to grow professionally. If an employee knows there will be opportunities to further the skills and knowledge needed to do a job (and possibly advance in that company), this tends to motivate an employee to learn more about whatever is necessary to do the job. 

Finally, if an employee feels valued, this tends to be very motivating.  Does the company recognize outstanding employees each month?  Does the company understand (and provide time off) when issues arise that may require time away from the job?  Does the company provide social events beyond the workday and workplace where workers can interact with each other?  When companies tend to do these things, employees are more likely to go above and beyond the minimum expectations needed to do the job.