Evaluate the title of the novella. Why did Camus choose The Stranger?

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In French, the language in which Albert Camus wrote, “étranger” means both “stranger” and “foreigner.” Both meanings fit well with themes of distance and separation that dominate the book. The concept especially applies to the central issue: the alienation that Meursault experiences from the people around him and from his interior sense of self, extending even to his lack of mourning for his own mother. In addition, foreignness characterizes the colonized situation of Algeria, in which the French and French-heritage rulers and other residents remain foreign even though many of them are born there rather in France. This conceptual distancing contributes to the detachment that Meursault feels from the “Arab” who becomes his victim. As someone who is indigenous to the place, the Arab is not a foreigner but he is a stranger to Meursault and the other French North Africans.

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