Evaluate the impact of the contributions Caritas makes in remaining "alive in Christ" in contemporary Australia.

Caritas Australia contributes to spreading Gospel values and the love of Christ through their activities in alleviating poverty, responding to disasters, and working with local communities to improve lives. These activities make a huge impact on both those who serve and those who are served.

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To help you get started on this question, let's review the goals and activities of Caritas Australia and then think about how these contributions make the Gospel alive and bring the love of Christ to people in need.

Caritas Australia proclaims that the organization is “Hope in Action,” and its members “have been walking alongside the world's most vulnerable” for more than fifty-five years. Caritas does not merely go in and arbitrarily change people's ways of living; rather, it works with local communities to improve their lives by using their own “strengths and resources.” Caritas is dedicated to responding to emergencies, implementing plans to reduce the risk of disasters, helping towards sustainable agriculture, building clean water sources, providing education, training people in health care, alleviating poverty through sustainable development, and advocating for policies that improve life for all people according to the principles of Catholic social justice.

We can see how these activities can make a major impact on the lives of those whom Caritas helps. These people learn how to contribute to their own prosperity and rise out of poverty through their own efforts as well as by loving assistance. This does indeed bring the love of Christ and the Gospel to life. Christ proclaimed the necessity of love above all else, and this love is a self-giving love that wills the absolute best for other people and does whatever necessary and possible to help those others achieve the best. This is what Caritas Australia does. Through the material assistance they bring, they show the love of Christ and put Gospel values into direct action where they are needed most. And this brings those they serve and those who serve into true life.

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