Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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Evaluate the role played by Squealer in making Napoleons to totalitarian rule a success. What significance does this character have in 21st century? answer should b atleast of 500 words

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It sounds like you need to write a fairly short response to this question, and you should have no problem finding plenty of evidence concerning Squealer's role in establishing Napoleon's totalitarian rule.  Squealer is a "smooth-talker;" after each incident including questionable behavior from the pigs, along comes Squealer to "explain" everything to the other animals.  For example, when the windfall apples were found missing, it came out that the pigs had eaten them.  But Squealer made his rounds, explaining that the pigs needed the apples because they were the brain workers of the farm and needed that particular type of nutrition.  He concludes with an ominous warning about the possibility of Mr. Jones returning, which none of the animals want.  Therefore, throught the use of fear tactics and some basic brainwashing, Squealer helps the pigs take control.  This pig is commonly believed to allegorically represent Pravda, a communist newspaper that Orwell may be attacking for strecthing the truth in favor of the Bolsheviks.  Certainly it may be argued that media sources do this to this day concerning politics.

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