Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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Evaluate the role played by Squealer in making Napoleon's totalitarian rule a success in Animal Farm. What significance does this character hold in the 21st century?

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Squealer's role in making Napoleon's totalitarian rule a success was in large part due to his ability to spin information and make it praise those in the position of power.  Squealer's abiility to make the truth pleasing to the rest of the animals, as it praises Napoleon, or rewrite the past into something which lauds the status quo makes him indispensable to the regime of control.  The role of Squealer is seen in many totalitarian regimes, or in many forms of government.  There are always individuals who have to "spin" the truth in order to be accepted by the masses or the media.  The idea of "spinning" reality is about as old as politics itself.  The more "spin," the greater the control.  Modern governments in all forms must resort to "spin" in order to consolidate their control.  In this respect, Squealer's role is not merely essential for the totalitarian government of Napoleon, but rather is essential for any government that seeks to maintain and increase control.  Individuals have to recognize this in their ongoing association with their political institutions.

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