Evaluate Roger's strengths and weaknesses in "Lord of the Flies"? I need as much info on this as much, thank you!! :]

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While Roger changes during the course of the story, like most of the boys do, and increases in savagery, he starts out, in the first chapter, as one the savagery comes as no surprise.  The first description of him is that he is a "...slight, furtive boy whom no one knew, who kept to himself with an inner intensity of avoidance and secrecy." His strengths are that he is a listener and an observer.  He listens and observes Jack, seeing that Jack has a command of the boys that Ralph lacks.  Roger seems to know that by aligning himself with Jack, he is setting himself up to be one of Jack's henchmen.  He has a savagery in him tempered by the years of civilization and this becomes clear when he throws stones around the littlun, Henry, but doesn't hit him. Part of him wants to hit the littler boy, but part of him is still governed by civility.  Roger's biggest weakness is that same savagery.  When, by the 11th chapter, Roger has given in to his savage nature, he rolls the rock off the edge of Castle Rock and kills Piggy. At this point, Roger is so savage that he nearly challenges Jack.  At the end of ch. 11, as Roger walks past Jack, he nearly pushes him with his shoulder as he walks past. If the boys weren't rescued in the next chapter, Roger would probably have eventually led a revolt against Jack in order to get more power for himself.

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