Evaluate the models of media, which are Gender Bias, Racial Bias, and Sexual Orientation Bias?

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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your question is a little unclear with regard to what information you are trying to acquire. Gender bias, racial bias, and sexual orientation bias are not media models (types of media). Is it possible that you are asking how these biases are portrayed in the media? Sexual orientation bias seems to have come to the forefront with the music award show in which Adam Lambert kissed and simulated oral sex with a male band member. This media uproar was much larger in magnitude than the kiss Britney Spears and Madonna exchanged on stage. Gender bias is portrayed in commercials and television shows, as many shows still place women in traditional roles such as housewives, nurses, etc. When men are portrayed in these positions such as a “Mr. Mom” type situation or Guy Focker in Meet the Parents, their roles are portrayed with mockery and ridicule. Commercials are another type of media that promotes bias in these areas. These commercials are directed at certain market areas, so is it the media that promotes the bias or society that promotes the bias while the media simply gives in to society wants?