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Evaluate the following limit. `lim_(x->2)⁡ (1/(x-2)-1/(x^2-4))`          I used the rule for evaluating the limit of a difference. I want to confirm what the answer will be as I get 0.

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Combine the fractions to get


As ` ``x->2` from above, the numerator approaches 3 and the denominator is always positive and approaches 0, so the ` `expression grows without bound in the positive direction. That is,


Similarly, we can show that` `


so the limit doesn't exist, even in the form of `+-oo.` Remember that the rule for evaluating the limit of the difference of two expressions is valid only if both limits exist. Here, neither `1/(x-2)` or `1/(x^2-4)` has a limit as `x->2` , so the rule isn't valid.


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