What are the main points in Horwitz’s discussion of “Southern apologists” in Confederates in the Attic?

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The main point in Horwitz's discussion is that both Northerners and Southerners remember Andersonville in very selective and biased ways.  Horwitz starts out by saying that Henry Wirz has been unfairly demonized, particularly in early historiography of the war.  This persisted as long as 90 years after the war.  But Horwitz also says that Southern views of Wirz are equally skewed.  He says that there is no reason to believe that Wirz was particularly virtuous.  He did little to try to ameliorate the condition of his prisoners.  He lied about his war record (and was not the hero Souther apologists say he was).  Horwitz also says that other Southern claims about how Andersonville was just as bad for guards as for POWs are equally false.  The main point, then, is that both sides have tended to remember the war, and specific aspects of it such as Andersonville, in ways that reflect their own prejudices.