What are the main points in Horwitz’s discussion of Neo-Confederates including Collins & Dresch in Confederates in the Attic?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main point that Horwitz is trying to make about neo-Confederates is that they are becoming more aggressive and also more diverse in their tactics.  The neo-Confederates are no longer just romantics and hotheads.  Instead, they are willing to adopt a broader array of tactics.  We can see Dresch's attempt to use commercialism to promote neo-Confederacy and we can see Collins' attempt to use modern technology and the ideals of the Civil Rights Movement.  At the same time, Horwitz believes that Dresch's business shows the movement is getting a harder edge.  He sees the boom in sales of Nathan Bedford Forrest t-shirts (instead of Robert E. Lee ones) as evidence that neo-Confederates are turning toward a more radical vision of what their movement should be.

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