Evaluate (definite integral) abs(2x-5)/(x+1)dx from 0 to 6

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You need to evaluate the definite integral such that:

`int_0^6 |2x-5|/(x+1)dx`

You need to use the absolute value property such that:

`|2x-5| = {(2x-5, 2x-5gt=0),(5-2x,2x-5lt0):}`

Since the function `y=2x-5`  is negative if `x in [0, 2.5]`  and it is positive if `x in [2.5,6], ` you need to split the integral such that:

`int_0^6 |2x-5|/(x+1)dx = int_0^2.5 (5-2x)/(x+1)dx + int_2.5^6...

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