Evaluate the benefit of mission by objectives (MBO) as an employee.  Would you want to participate in an MBO program? Why or why not?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The working in an MBO program as an employee is quite beneficial. MBO, or Mission by Objectives, is a strategy that uses goals as a way to monitor whether the organization is following its mission. For example, if a company's mission is "to provide the best (good/service) in the metropolitan area," the objective should specifically point out how, by when, and in which ways this mission will be accomplished.

The benefit of this is that it provides a much needed sense of direction in an organization. It accounts for who does what, and what goes where. Roles are often much better defined in an atmosphere where accountability is enforced; this accountability is what keeps the objectives viable. MBO also entails that employees will serve as each other's watchers. For example, all that happens in the production line affects sales, sales affect accounting, accounting affects human resources which, in turn, affect management. A company or organization with a clear mission by objectives ensures that all of these basic components are in optimal working order so that the objectives of the week/day/year are met. Objectives are consistently revisited, correlated to interventions, and measured as far as their viability and as far as what is needed to ensure success.