Evaluate the benefit of mission by objectives (MBO) as an employer.  

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The benefit of mission by objectives (MBO) as an employer is that the objective provides a clear, measurable, and focused goal that comes with a series of steps (action plan) that will help accomplish the ultimate goal of the organization.

MBO is a strategic management plan where the foundations of the organization, that is, the credo that the organization abides by is solidified by the creation of goals (objectives) which will be re-visited consistently in other to determine what steps need to be put in place to accomplish such goals.

Objectives, as written statements, are seen not just as the "hopes and dreams" of a working team, but they actually are mantras that drive the productivity and performance levels of the team. Once the objective is written down, there is no turning back: it must be accomplished because the objectives are often done after an improvement team has sat together, made a study of need, and established exactly what needs to be done.

Therefore, being an employer that has clear objectives helps you see exactly what you need, who you need, and what needs to be done to achieve the objective. With a clear goal in mind it is impossible to fail the attempt to meet it especially when there is a plan in place to follow.

Another great benefit of MBO is that the mission can be followed easily especially when the objectives are broken down by dates. This means that not all objectives have to be met in one shot: when the mission is clear, objectives can be met separately as long as all parts are working in tandem.

Therefore, mission by objective is clearly a plan of action that involves the wants and needs of an organization with goals and action plans that will move it forward.