Evaluate all three options that The Imperial (given in the case study) is considering and suggest the most suitable option for the business. 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From the case study and the three options that The Imperial faces, I think that Option 1 is the best option for Martin to pursue.  One of the most important items from the case study is that Martin has to "address the long- term external issues facing The Imperial because of changes in the external environment."  Martin can make a very compelling case to GP  that The Imperial has to close down for an entire year.  

Closing down for a year with a firm commitment to its employees will help on a couple of fronts.  The first is that Martin knows that the hotel has "reached the decline phase of its product life cycle and needed rejuvenation."  The upgrades needed in order to keep it competitive with other "new luxurious hotels" are long overdue.  The time frame of a year can help with upgrades in terms of spas, themed restaurants, a high tech feel, along with infrastructure improvement to allow for WiFi internet access.  At the same time, closing for a year will also allow Martin to work with collective representative elements within his workforce that can smooth over some of the rough edges present now.  

There has to be a closing down of an extended period of time so that Martin can ensure that the Susan situation is properly handled. He needs time to be able to create a venue where Susan's talents can be appreciated, but also a domain where the employee resentment about her autocratic ways can be assuaged. This need facilitates Martin's approaches to the workforce.  Whether he chooses to "upskill" the existing workforce or build a new global workforce, either approach can be reasoned out with time in terms of closing the hotel for a year.  The other options help The Imperial, but they do not address the existing needs as well as shutting down for the entire year.  It is evident that the case study as well as the statistics about tourism rising into Kenya make this a critical moment for Martin and The Imperial.  More can be gained in terms of shutting down for the year and addressing the critical areas that will impact the hotel's life- cycle.