What is `(24 x^3 y^2 + 12 x^3 y^4 - 18 x^4 y^3)/ (6xy^2)`

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The expression `(24x^3y^2+12x^3y^4-18x^4y^3)/(6xy^2)` has to be evaluated.


=> `(6xy^2(4x^2+2x^2y^2-3x^3y))/(6xy^2)`

=> `4x^2+2x^2y^2-3x^3y`

The required result is 4x^2+2x^2y^2-3x^3y

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I'm assuming you just want this simplified. 

Start by canceling out the number 6 since its in all the coefficients. Divide each term by 6. 

`(4x^3y^2 + 2x^3y^4 - 3x^4y^3)/(xy^2)`

Now we can cancel out the variable x since its in all the terms. When dividing exponents, just subtract. 

`(4x^2y^2 + 2x^2y^4 - 3x^3y^3)/(y^2)`

``Now we can do the same thing with `y^2`

`4x^2 + 2x^2y^2 - 3x^3y`


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