Is ethanol flammable or inflammable?what are the physical and chemical properties of ethanol?

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ethanol is an alcohol formed by the combination of ethene and water.  It is the alcohol found in all fermented drinks, the consumable alcohol in alcoholic drinks, like wine, beer, and whiskey.  As with most of the other alcohols, ethanol is flammable, it will combine with oxygen fairly well to give off carbon dioxide and water as waste products, as is the case with all carbohydrates.  The activation energy is of medium level, meaning a certain amount of energy has to be achieved to get the oxidation of ethanol to take place.  Ethanol is metabolized by the human liver, approximately one ounce per hour.  So ethanol is definitely flammable, and the only alcohol safe, if it can be called that, to be consumed by humans and animals alike.

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