"the essence of a business is outside itself." Peter Drucker. What does this mean and do you agree? [20]

marieb123 | Student

Peter Drucker is considered the father of modern management and describes himself as “social ecologist.” Human interaction is the key to success according to Drucker. A famous quote of his is “the essence of business is outside itself”, meaning whatever you do outside of business reflects on your business and reveals insight into your managerial perspective and treatment of others. Yes, I agree with this quote.


When business owners get involved with charitable causes, community events and promote an overall positive sense of being, it reflects positively on their business entity. Treating others with the respect and professionalism you deserve increases confidence, trust and loyalty in current and potential customers. Giving more than you receive is a common business saying.


On the other hand, when business owners interact with others in a disrespectful and poor manner while at social gatherings or other nonbusiness-related events, this reflects poorly on the business as a whole. Poor behavior can make others less likely to get involved with the business. How the individual presents themselves publicly can be a reflection of how they act during business hours.

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