What is the Declaration of Independence?  

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The Declaration of Independence was a very well written and eloquent document. It was important, not just for the messages it gave, but for its long-lasting impact. This document, written by Thomas Jefferson, was a masterpiece.

The Declaration of Independence stated to the world that the British colonies were no longer under the control of Great Britain. It stated these colonies were now independent. It went on to state that if a group of people declared their freedom from another group of people, they needed to tell the world why the did that.

The Declaration of Independence claimed that the role of government is to protect our rights. It claimed that all people have certain rights, called inalienable rights, that can’t be taken away. These include the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It went on to say that when the government violates, abuses, or takes away the rights of the people, the people have no choice but to remove that government from power and replace it with a new government.

The Declaration of Independence went on to say that we needed to let the world know what Great Britain did to us that led to our decision to declare our freedom from British rule. This portion of the document is the longest portion. It lists all of the complaints against the King of England and the British government. For example, it stated that the King abused and violated the rights of the people by taxing them without the colonists having representatives in Parliament that could speak about and vote for the taxes.

The last parts of the Declaration of Independence were the parts that said we were free from British rule. It also listed the signatures of each man who signed the document. These people literally put their lives on the line because if the colonists lost the ensuing war, these men could have been killed.

The beauty of the Declaration of Independence is how it has served as a model for the independence movements in other countries. For example, the French Revolution used some ideas in the Declaration of Independence. Independence movements in India and Vietnam also used the Declaration of Independence as a model.

The Declaration of Independence was one of the most moving and significant documents throughout history.

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