What could I use for a "hook" and a "bridge" from the story "The Scarlet Ibis"?

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The thesis statement has to present whatever argument you are defending in your essay; it is basically your stand.  If you go ahead and use the relationship between brothers as a hook and are discussing the question of whether or not brothers can be friends, then it is important for you to decide your answer to that question.  Your essay needs to present your answer to the question you are posing.  THAT ANSWER will be your thesis statement, followed by two to three supporting reasons.  These reasons will then in turn become the topic sentences for each of your body paragraphs, and each body paragraph will include examples to support your decision on whether or not brothers can also be friends.  Good luck!!

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An effective opening, or hook for The Scarlet Ibis would be to discuss the relationship between brothers.  One question that the story asks is whether brothers can also be friends. 

Clearly in this story, there are conditions that prohibit the two brothers from being equals.  Doodle is handicapped and Brother, as the older sibling has a difficult time understanding Doodle's limitations. He is ashamed of his little brother's lack of ability to run and jump while he thoroughly enjoys running and jumping. 

A good bridge, or comparison in the story is to link Doodle with the Scarlet Ibis, the rare red bird of the title.  Doodle and the bird have alot in common.  The bird is symbolic for Doodle's inner beauty.  Although Doodle is physically deformed, his inner spirit is beautiful. 

"The fact that Doodle is the only member of the family to care for the scarlet ibis enough to bury it shows his compassionate heart and emphasizes a symbolic link between boy and bird. This symbolic link is confirmed when Doodle dies on the same day as the bird and in a way that mirrors its fate."

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Can I use the last part of the paragraph as a "Thesis statement" ? What do you suggest I use as a "Topic Sentece."?

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