essay writingi've to wrie an essay of 350-400 words on the following topic: It is said that games train character, do you think it is true with all the games, indoor as well as outdoor games,...

essay writing

i've to wrie an essay of 350-400 words on the following topic:

It is said that games train character, do you think it is true with all the games, indoor as well as outdoor games, individual contests as well as team games.Do you think that games, in fact, develop only the desirable characteristics?

please give me some points     

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sports activities, like any other activity in which people compete, can involve both positive and negative results.  When team members are chosen on their own merits, one learns that if one has the talent and comes to practice and works hard, one can be rewarded.  However, if "everyone gets a trophy" because there is the desire to avoid hurting anyone's feelings, the impact is negative.  Also negative is the selection of first string players based upon the political and social influence of the players' parents.  The negative impact upon a talented athlete with a strong work ethic is clear.  Why should he/she bother to work hard if Janey and Johnny play because their father is president of the bank?

To learn these lessons, one only needs to attend summer sports where Mom and Dad are on the sidelines. And one can watch the coach; the coach who puts winning above the experience is also a valuable teacher of the negative, for example, while the opposite is true of the coach who tries to teach good sportsmanship.

MaudlinStreet eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I take some issue with that suggestion. The link between Dungeons and Dragons and any crime has yet to be proved. Similarly to the connection of certain kinds of music to crimes or suicide, no evidence has been established. Like anything else, the game (which is a live action role-playing/board game, not a video game) can develop a dark storyline, depending on who's playing it. It's actually a wonderful excursion into fantasy, which was designed to allow players to write their own stories and experience a separate fantasy world.

Of course, someone could write a violent or disturbing story for their characters, & I suppose it could be argued that someone may take those experiences into reality, but I think it would be difficult to prove that the game is inherently disturbing in itself. The people that committed these crimes showed signs of dangerous behavior in many other aspects of their lives, and their game-playing was simply another facet.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that we have to be very careful with the term "only desirable characteristics."  The word, "only" really raises some red flags because it creates a one sided approach.

Having said that, I think it's important to lay out pros and cons of both sides, and I believe that the previous posts have done that quite well.  I think you do need to keep in mind that there is a reality that anything, even the greatest of things, can be taken to an unhealthy excess.  For example, the spirit of competition is a wonderful thing in sports, but if taken to an unhealthy extreme, it actually perverts the sport because the zealous desire to win translates to an "anything goes" setting.  As you lay out your ideas and concepts, I would conclude that, like all elements, a healthy frame of reference is needed to ensure that sports is placed in a proper context where the sport is viewed as an ends in of itself and not a means to an artificial end.

Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Very few things are an "only" or an "always" or a "never." The way your assignment is phrased, it seems clear your teacher definitely wants you to examine some of the negative aspects of games. In some part of your essay, you should consider the aspects of professional sports. The news is filled right now with some of the negatives in regard to professional sports, especially in the use of steroids. Intense competition for huge sums of money has corrupted some aspects of pro football and baseball. This would be easy to research.

You might also consider looking into college sports and how they are conducted in major universities. They haven't escaped scrutiny and criticism either. Again, fierce competition and the need to win have impacted some university programs in negative ways.

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As long as one is taught the rules and to abide by them--no cheating or dirty play--and all participants are encouraged equally (those with much natural talent as well as those who must work a little harder to learn the skills needed), I don't see many negative aspects come from team sports.  Character is built in learning how to lose as well as how to be a good winner (not a braggart or flaunter).  In addition, the qualities of working with others as a team for a common goal is a good thing.  Stronger players cover and help weaker players, players communicate with one another on the field or court for better results, shy players become more assertive and outgoing.  The list of positive qualities attained is unending. 

Good Luck on your essay!

drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Games and sports are long recognized as builders of character. Nonetheless, context is essential, particularly in team sports. If a coach does not inspire players on a team to higher performance and selfless participation, but rather favors certain players and permits discord, then what has been developed?

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Also, research the effect that such games as "Dungeons and Dragons" had upon some individuals.  The crimes that developed from their playing these games were horrific.  Perhaps you might wish to research this aspect of video games becoming influential in people's minds, as well.

epollock | Student

You should take all of the points mentioned in the above posts and think about your own position on the subject.  Then think about where you could obtain information that would either prove or disprove your point. And start to write down some ideas and evidence proving a position one way or the other.

krishna-agrawala | Student

For writing this kind of essays it would be best for you to select a few games you know or understand well, and then examine them critically to identify what personal qualities other than physical strength and skills are required to play that game well. To help you get started I am giving below some thoughts that come to my mind immediately about how different games help you to build character.

  1. Developing skill in almost every game requires concentration and efforts.
  2. All games involve both winning and loosing. This gives us opportunity to learn to be gracious in victory and undaunted in defeat.
  3. All games played in teams help us to learn to be team player.
  4. Many games involve use of strategy of some kind or other. Some games like chess score very high in this respect. Thus games teach us to think strategically.

Coming to undesirable effects of games, I believe there are not many. But just to be able to present a balanced picture, here are some thoughts.

  1. We may be misled into false complacency by our success in sports, as real life does not have the clear-cut rules as in sports. Also usually the stakes in real life are much higher than in real life.
  2. Many games are closely associated with gambling and betting. In addition to various types of gambling, Betting is rampant in many other sports such as golf.
  3. Many physical sports over emphasize the physical aspect rather than mental capabilities. Therefore too much of sports can hinder studies and other intellectual development of individuals.