How do I write an essay on the topic "what am I like as a student"? 

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hantayo eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a couple of ways to address this subject but were I you, I would look at the personalized or individual approach to the subject other than simply the subjects you like as a student or dislike.  Each of us has a different approach to learning and there are several factors that influence how we learn and these include:

1.  What is the best way for you learn?

2.  Are you an auditory learner (you learn by listening)?

3.  Are you visual learner (you learn by watching others do a task)?

4.  Are you a tactile learner (you learn by hands on experience)?

5.  Are you a combination of some or all of these?

Very few people depend on one approach to learning.  In your essay, you might wish to expand on those subjects in which you do well, explain why you think you do well and the methods of learning you use in these subjects.  In contrast, you might wish to examine subjects in which you do not perform as well as you do in others and explain why you are less proficient in these subjects.  You might want to mention also your study methods, how you study, when, for how long, etc.

infospecialisthh | Student

What are you like as a student, you may first ask yourself?

Can you pull some ideas about what it's like for you? Begin by listing 10 things that come to mind when you think of what it takes to be a student. These can be useful in forming topics to write about.

Once you have the list begin narrowing it down to your top 2-3. This will help you have something to start your paper with. It's always best if you find what your into about being a student because writing about something you like can become a great paper.

If you're still unsure about your topic, check in with your teacher to get some feedback on your list that you made earlier.

cernaenglish | Student

Your essay can have several sections.  The first should be an introduction that will lay the foundation for the entire essay.  Then you need parts of the topic broken down by section/idea.  I believe that the followings parts would work as paragraphs in your essay:

       1.  What is your attitude toward learning?  Why?

       2.  How have you changed as a student over time?

       3.  What are your strengths and weaknesses as a student? 

       4.  How can a teacher best help you to succeed.

Then your essay will need a solid conclusion