What would be a good thesis statement with the topic of "Redemption" for the novel The Kite Runner?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Redemption is a major theme in The Kite Runner, and so there are many possible thesis statements to choose from. The first thing to do is read the book and decide which character is most deserving of redemption, and who actually achieves it at the end. The eNotes study guides will also help with their character, theme, and plot analyses.

For example, in the beginning of the novel, Amir witnesses bullies abuse his childhood friend, Hassan. Instead of trying to help, he runs away. Later, he finds out that Hassan was his half-brother and decides to get Hassan's own son out of Afghanistan. A simple thesis statement could read: "Amir's redemption comes when he saves Hassan's son." A more elaborate one could read: "Hassan represents Amir's failure as a boy, while Hassan's son represents Amir's redemption as an adult."

Amir's father, Baba, also acts as a figure of redemption; while he treats Amir with some distance as a child, he later shows great courage in defending a woman from rape. This thesis could read: "Baba, who is found to have committed adultery, redeems himself by saving another woman from rape."

Finally, Rahim Khan is the catalyst for Amir's redemption; he tells Amir about Baba and Hassan, and Hassan's son. This thesis could read: "Without Rahim Khan's involvement, Amir could never have redeemed himself." Another thesis could read: "Rahim Khan receives his own redemption through Amir, since neither could achieve it on their own."

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Before writing a thesis statement on the topic of redemption throughout the novel The Kite Runner, it would be best to read the novel while simultaneously searching for specific characters who redeem themselves. Throughout the novel, the characters of Amir and Baba both atone for their past sins and find redemption. Amir atones for his past sins of not intervening while Hassan is being raped and purposefully distancing himself from Hassan. After receiving a call from Rahim Khan, Amir travels to Taliban occupied Kabul to save Hassan's son, Sohrab, before adopting him.

Baba also finds redemption for hiding the fact that he was Hassan's father and neglecting Amir by sacrificing his life in Afghanistan and moving to America. While in America, Baba provides his son with a new life and a second chance. Despite the culture shock and numerous struggles, Baba's selfless decision gives Amir a chance to grow as a person.

Example thesis statements include:

  • "Amir must endure both physical and emotional pain in order to find redemption."
  • "By saving Hassan's son and enduring Assef's brutal beating, Amir finds redemption and is able to live a fulfilling life."
  • "Without the help from Rahim Khan, Amir would be unable to redeem himself and forced to live with his personal guilt."
  • "Baba atones for his past sins and finds redemption by sacrificing his future in order to give his son a second chance at life."
jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A thesis statement for the novel The Kite Runner about redemption might relate to whether or not Amir is able to achieve redemption. When he is growing up, he witnesses his best friend, Hassan (from a more humble background and from the Hazara tribe, which is regarded with contempt by many people in Afghanistan), being raped. Amir says nothing and does not try to protect his friend, and, suffering from immense guilt, he later plants money under Hassan's mattress, as Hassan lives on the same compound as Amir. Hassan and his father leave the compound, and Amir later leaves Afghanistan and immigrates to the United States. When Amir hears that Hassan has died and that Hassan's son, Sohrab, is in an orphanage, he rescues Sohrab and adopts him. 

In your thesis statement, you can decide whether Amir's later actions truly redeem him. Then, you can formulate a thesis along the lines of, "Amir's adoption of Hassan's son, Sohrab, redeems (or does not redeem) him for the wrongs he committed toward Hassan as a boy." You have to consider whether redemption is possible so many years after the fact. Also, consider if redemption achieved by Amir for adopting the son of the man he wronged when he was a boy.

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