What would be critical points to make in an essay on why Teachers' Day is celebrated?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one of the most important points to bring out in an essay like this is the idea that Teachers' Day is celebrate to acknowledge the importance the profession plays in our lives.  Consider the UNESCO Statement on the day and why it must be celebrated: “Recommendation concerning the status of teachers."  This helps to bring to light that there is a status that teachers have and should have in societies that underscore their importance.  This is one of the reasons why the day is celebrated and one of the reasons why it must be honored.  Additionally, I think that Teachers' Day celebrations revolve around the important role teachers play in our lives.  At some level, teachers are formative in ensuring that students understand and learn.  Those who feel that they have pursued opportunities and opened doors to change their lives have probably done so, in part, due to a teacher's efforts.  In this, a point needs to be made that Teachers' Day celebrations honor the significant contributions to these people.  Finally, I think that a point in the essay needs to be made that any society that does not make a valid and worthwhile attempt to honor its teachers is in dire straits.  On all levels, teachers are needed.  Societies have to develop as many ways as possible to both encourage and value current teachers and create avenues for more teachers to enter.  Teachers' Day celebrations are not the only way this can be done and should not be the only way to accomplish this.  Yet, it is a starting point and perhaps the essay can close with the idea that Teachers' Day celebrations is a start to this process, one in which a valuing of teachers can be evident on a social level.