What points could be made in an essay on " Role of women in structuring the future society?"

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one particular point that could be made in such an essay that in order to transform society into a more just and peaceful entity, some level of social structural change will be needed.  The presence of women's groups and women empowerment in this realm is essential.  For so long, social disharmony and social dissonance has been evident with the possession of social power rested in the hands of men, or groupings in which men have a large level of control.  If there is a need to reform this condition of social being, than it lies in structural social change.  It is here in which the role of women in structuring future society is essential.  The belief here is that "empowering weaker parties to negotiate solutions to deep-rooted structural problems" can yield transformative results.  Women's groups and the presence of women, once seen as "weaker parties," becomes essential in defining the role that women can and will play in structuring the future society.

I would also suggest that the role of women in structuring of future society lies in embracing feminism through a globalized lens of reference.  With advents in information technology and communication along with social networking progression, globalization has made a large world seem "smaller."  Social movements have become more universal as a result.  This is essential in seeing feminism as a worldwide movement:

...we can see that the backlash against women is global. Women fighting against Islamic fundamentalists are fighting the same cause as women in the United States facing off with the Christian religious right. The right-wing religious backlash is not a peculiarity of one or two countries. It is global. We need to understand that so we can foster international solidarity with women from across the globe, and so that we can exchange strategies that work.

Feminism's global reach has helped to universalize the struggle for women's rights.  No longer is the issue seen as purely "West" and everyone else.  In making feminism a global concern, asserting the rights of women worldwide, the role of women in structuring the society of the future has become a topic receiving more attention.  Women are starting to see their struggles as universal, and the need to participate in discourse that transforms women's roles in this new globalized world is becoming reality.  When Malala Yousafzai is shot by Taliban gunman for simply going to school, it receives worldwide attention because it is an example of how women see their roles in structuring the society of the future.  It is no longer something that happens "over there."  It is universal and local, simultaneously.  This increasing role of the globalized understanding of feminism is a point that can be made on the role of women in structuring the society of the future.