Essay on Racial profiling in United States. Does this lead to human rights abuses?

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Racial profiling is a complicated issue. It is not allowed, but I can see how some people believe it is necessary. However, as a free country where basic human liberties are espoused, we must be better as a nation. This means we should stem the encroachment of racial profiling. We need to remember that the color of a person's skin, race, or religion does not mean a person will act in a certain way.

If this is not stemmed, then this can lead to bigger problems, because we open the doors to greater racism, fear, and hate. If we think that this is overstating it, all we need to do is remember the Japanese internment camps during World War II. During this time, Americans, who were of Japanese descent were rounded up, rooted from their homes, and put into camps. About 110,000 Japanese in 1942 were moved. This is a blight in our historical record. In this sense, racial profiling led to human rights issues. So, there is a correlation.

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