What possible essay questions could come from "The Son's Veto" by Thomas Hardy?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Are you asking for an essay question that you could use to respond to this text, or are you asking for possible essay questions that you may be given? If it is the former, you obviously have considerable scope to pick something that interests you rather than something that is given to you by your teacher. My advice would be to select something that interests you and you have an idea about. A great question that comes to my mind when thinking about this story is why is it that Mrs. Twycott's son has such influence over her? Why is it that she is unable to defy him and live her life to please herself and marry Joe again?

If you want to respond to this question, you will of course have the opportunity to address the character of Mrs. Twycott and her humble origins but also the strange predicament she finds herself in. A key quote to consider this would be the final speech she has at the end of the second section of this story:

'No, I am not a lady,' she said sadly. 'I never shall be. But he's a gentleman, and that--makes it--O how difficult for me!'

To respond to this question, you will need to address the key theme of class and how this results in the difficult situation that Mrs. Twycott faces. You can also relate the impact of her rekindled relationship with Joe to her health and description in the story, and how not being able to pursue it makes her health deteriorate.

vinish | Student

1) You are Sophy in the story 'The son's veto'. Write your feelings just after your son has corrected your grammar mistake in front of the public.

2) At the end of the story, has Randolph proved to be a good son? Support your answer by giving reasonable facts.

siret | Student

1) Charecter sketch of sophy in the son's veto

2) character sketch of randolph in the son's veto

3) Hardy has high lighted on the prejudiced views of the upper and religious class, discuss with reference tothe son's veto

4) Is sam hobson succssful in bringing joy to sophy's miserable life?