Please help me with essay questions for Lord of the Flies.  

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As you don't actually list questions, I'm assuming you are an educator or education student trying to develop essay questions or prompts on Lord of the Flies to ask either on in-class essay tests or take-home assignments. 

One area that would be particularly fruitful is Golding's portrayal of religion. There are three religious elements in the novel. The first is that of the Church of England as reflected in several of the boys, led by Jack, singing in a choir. The second type of religion is the visionary one of Simon. The third type is the primitive or tribal religion into which Jack's followers regress. You could ask students to compare and contrast these visions of religion.

A second fruitful area for creating prompts is the notion of legitimate authority. Again, the novel offers up multiple visions of this. First is the notion of the conch and rule-based systems including democratic election, represented by Piggy and Ralph, the voices of reason in the group. A conflicting notion of authority is charismatic and populist, represented by Jack. Students could either compare and contrast these two notions of authority or write an argumentative paper on which version they think best. Another possibility would be to ask students to reflect on the relevance of these concepts of authority to current politics. 


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