How would I write an essay on 'Poetry and Unreality ' by Plato.It should be about 400 words.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The essay won’t be written by anyone here.  Given the requirement of 400 words, I think you might also want to examine some of the other stipulations of the assignment.  The fundamental distinction that you might want to make is how Plato views the poets and why he views them in this light.  For Plato, the uncovering of the form or ideal notion of the good is what should drive both human consciousness and direct all endeavors accordingly.  This is what the philosopher strives to do, and is precisely the reason why the philosopher- king is vaulted to the highest of Platonic political orders.  At the same time, the poet is one who is driven to establish a realm of “unreality” primarily because poetry seeks to be appreciated by the masses, concealing the true and meaningful exploration of consciousness.  Plato makes the call that the poets’ vision of “reality” is not a realistic one because it fails to incorporate the singular vision of discovering the forms that is the driving force of all consciousness.  In this light, I think that the essay would place focus on this distinction brought out by Plato in his writings between the philosopher’s reality and the poet’s lack of it.